atm ,debit, credit card

 All people will know because ATM is going to be an ATM card in the house of everybody in today’s time, so that ATM machine comes to work with money withdrawal. There are many such cards in this card, which also money withdrawal and many Types of online offline payment methods are used

Just as you can cash money from an ATM car and no other work can be related to online.

For this, we have several such cards that we can take advantage of all the facilities, in these related fields

What is the first ATM card? Where is it used to know from Bistar


ATM card is a card issued by the bank which is linked to your account. You can withdraw money from the ATM card only with the ATM machine. The amount of money in your account, only you can withdraw money from your ATM card. There is no logo on top of the card like -rupay, master card, visa etc. You can not withdraw any lending money from this card

ATM cards can not be used in any machine other than ATM machine and neither can buy any product online.

Debit card

The debit card will look similar to the ATM card, the only difference between the ATM card in the debit card is that you have to write mastercard, rupay, or visa on the card.

In addition to the use of ATM cards like Debit Card ATM card, you can also use many types of work.

Apart from online purchasing, you can use these cards wherever you can with mastercard, visa card, rupay card merchant

Like ATM card, these debit cards are also linked to your bank account

Credit Card-

The credit card is also very similar to a debit card. Credit cards do not have all the people. There is some rule and some eligibility for the bank to get it, after completing it you will be able to get a credit card.

Limit of credit card money is decided by the bank, so that you can withdraw just as much money as the bank gives you on your credit card.

The credit card is also written as mastercard, visa, or rupay, it is also used as a debit card, you can use the debit card in the swipe machine.

The particular thing about a credit card is that you can not withdraw money from the ATM machine with this card.

Because the credit card is not linked to your bank account, the money you spend on your credit card will have to be given to the bank from time to time if the bank does not get the money in time, the bank charges its interest on these credit cards.

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antivirus software


Friends name of Antivirus Everyone knows that it is used in places related to computers, Android and elsewhere in technology, especially in the process of deleting the virus which damages our computer and phone and transmits the way to all these viruses. Antivirus was designed to deal with any device so that any device could work smoothly and not hang or have any problems related to it.

The work of an Antivirus is that they scan your device or computer and protect it from viruses.

Whenever you install an Antivirus softwere, then it brings a list of several libraries along with it, which always gets updated.

And here in these lists, there is information about all the viruses that have been received and have been created so far and what happens after that whatever you scan your computer’s files, the list that contains your complete data Match one part of the same with all those files, but do not match the whole because if they get a match then they know that the file that is in it has a virus and you can remove it. Is

Not working for any antivirus properly means that the antivirus does not get updated

Suppose a virus has just devloped and permission has not yet reached your computer, even if you continue to scan it will not even be able to catch the virus and in this case you may find that your computer is clean while there is no No virus remains

So keep track of your antivirus as far as possible.

Here you will find two options: Free Antivirus and Secondly paid Antivirus

Best Antivirus Software –

Free Antivirus can not scan your computer well, or if you do, some viruses will definitely be there, so it will be better if you do not use Free Antivirus.

Here, if you have to take good care of your computer, then use Paid Antivirus as Paid Antivirus is a good idea to remove any virus

You can take any antivirus in Paid Antivirus because Paid Antivirus does not have any kind of problem and it works well

Here you have some Paid Antivirus names that you can put in your computer

Best Paid Antivirus-

1-bit defender antivirus plus

2-Norton Antivirus Basic

3-ESET NOD32 Antivirus

4-Webfoot Secure anywhere Antivirus

5-Kaspersky Antivirus

6-Panda Antivirus Pro

7-Trend micro Antivirus + Security

The above mentioned Antivirus Softwere is all these paid Antivirus

Free Antivirus

1-Avast Free Antivirus

2-Avira Free Antivirus

There is something to understand here because some viruses are also encrypting themselves and in such a case, we do not recognize these viruses and get caught in scanning.

Apart from this, there are many anti-malwere softwares which not only detect viruses but also trojans (do not contain trojan viruses)

The work of anti malwere is that whatever your computer has a virus, is a Trojan, and what is it doing or what are they taking in this action, so this enters the anti malwere

That’s why many times it happens that there are legit software, there are several times a warning for viruses.

Therefore, use a Paid Antivirus software as far as possible.

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RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI Transaction in hindi

What is RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI 

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Friends have heard names like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS etc. but what is this is called use, few people will know

So stay friends, I am sharing information related to you on this blog Hope you will enjoy this article.

Friends, when a person transfers money from one bank to another, then the transfer money is made by NEFT, RTGS, IMPS

First of all, know about NEFT.

NEFT-national electronic fund transefer

These were made in 2005 and those who made it used to use their brains, that is, as much as they had the resources and the server or related things, they thought that someone from one bank to another To transfer money, how often will it and how many times our servers have to work then these people thought that they should make a bunch of these things then these people Made the bunch of transactions in one hour and gave it to the computer and the computer converted it to a digital form.

That is why NEFT transactions take 2-4 hours because when these people created it from their resources and servers, according to them these people thought it would be right to make a good bunch from one transaction because when hundred, two hundred, Five hundred transit bunches will be made, the transaction will be easy and the transit will continue in half an hour and all this happens in the digital form itself. Survivors of Utter’s Rescue

The timing of NEFT is also from 8 AM to 6:30 PM.

This means their transaction takes place only in their working hours.

RTGS-Real Time Gross settlement

If a person wanted to transact more than 2 lakh paisa, then at that time it seemed to be more than that, then after that he created RTGS in the same year 2005.

And the RTGS keeps the account holders’ money in real time.

Like nEFT, this transaction is only in the working hour.

IMPS-Immediate Payment Service

IMPS also works like RTGS, but its working hour is 24 hours i.e., whatever money you have by IMPS, any time you can exchange money with it.

And the special thing about IMPS is that no holidays or banking related holidays do not matter to it.

IMPS has not been created by the bankers, it is made by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) which means that whatever RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, all these bosses are NPCI.

IMPS launched in 2010

In the IMPS, NEFT, RTGS transaction, the first beneficiary has to fill the full details, then activates in 4-5 hours or more, after which the payment is transferred.

The time here seems to be more because whenever you add a new beneficiary so that if someone wrongly hacked your account details by filling your account details, then you should get a notification, it is not that there is no manual sitting Because the name you gave the given number is all or not, all this is done by the system, so the waiting and bending period was created and it was created so that you do not get hacked. Received to

All this is an update from 2010. Then came the UPI.

UPI-Unified Payment interface

UPI does not have to fill any details of any person’s account number, IFSC code, name

Here you can create an ID from your account by creating an ID

Whatever the payment will be on your ID, and that ID is transmitted to the real time by IMPS in the real time.

And here NPCI manages all things

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track cell phone

How to track cellphone by police in hindi, सेलफोन को ट्रैक कैसे करें

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So let’s talk about mobile phone tracking.

How does the police track a mobile phone, mobile number, and in what way the culprit is caught


These GPS does not work in traditional cases

If your phone or GPS is on, then the police help the friends

Besides, if the police want to track any comman person, then if the person’s SIM is in a Nokia or other handset then the police will not be able to find the real location of that person.

But those policemen will definitely get a range that the mobile phone is running in this area.

Apart from all this, the police takes the help of trangulation, now what is tranulation, talk about bistar

What is trunulation

Let’s assume that friends who have the phone you have, must be connected to some network tower, so in such a situation, friends get an idea of ​​the signal that there is a distance between them.

The thing to note about here is that if the phone is on 2G network then its IDI is in a different range

If it is 3G then its Idea will be of a different range, which means that you will be able to pin its pinpoint, it depends on your 2G, 3G, 4G.

Let’s assume the police of friends know that this phone number is in the 1 kilometer range of this tower

Now it can mean any east, west, north, south in any direction of 1 km, and if the phone is connected to another tower, the location will not be known,

But if friends have 3 towers then the location of that mobile will be known that 1 is at a distance of 1 meter from the tower and is so far from the second tower and the distance from the third tower is so distant

Friends, I would like to repeat my point that this is a range, there is no fix point, after which the police itself manually searches

There is no such tracking technology yet we do not tell the real location of any mobile, and where there is a GPS, there is a different thing, like if you want to track someone with your own, then call your phone Iniciate the person’s phone’s in-app, you will be able to tell the location of the correct real location, but a pin pin point will not be able to tell but yes, just a few meters away.

By I P Adderes

Now let’s talk about IP adderes, if the police knows your ip adderes then the police can reach your door because friends ip adderes is the second thing they have a different record, only the relative can know from this

The most important thing is that if your phone is swicth off in the airoplene mode, then the police can not track you anytime. But if the call from last location is made from that phone and the phone has been locked in the same place then the police Find out from the ideas given above.

And it is impossible to track the phone in any other way.

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What is Domain , buy a Domain ,Domain business in hindi

What is Domain , how to buy a Domain ,how to start Domain business ,in hindi

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Domain, which is the website of the blog,

If you are running a blog or a website then surely you must have purchased a domain if there is no information about the domain, then continue to be a step to step on this post.

This is the domain that you listen to .com, .in, .org etc. they are associated with the website or are purchased.

If you search any thing on the Internet, the url you enter will be a website or blog contains .com, in them. in ,. org etc. This is the same .com, .in, domain.

These domains are purchased after that are added to your site

Generally when you create any site or blog, it contains blogspot, wordpress etc. All this is their free service.

Websites or blogs that have not been purchased by the creator domain, have a blogspot or wordpress in their site, and it stays until you buy a domain name and associate it with your site, in case of blogspot, your blog, The visitor is less likely to visit the website and can not even rank in Google.

If you have made a website or blog and do not come to Google search console then your website, blog will not work anymore,

So buy a domain from a trusted company as far as possible.

Whenever the domain is purchased, it is purchased from a trusted website because there are many compnies in the internet market which cheaply make domain purchases, but that domain does not have much value on those websites., These companies have been trusted today and many people are buying the domain from these companies and their demand is also getting bigger,

Then buy the domain name Godaddy as far as possible.

How to start Domain business

The market of the domain business is continuing to spread because there is a lot of profits and cost is very low so many people are taking it as part time business.

Friends, you can also start the domain business but how

So first of all, you will see uploaded videos on YouTube relating to it, this will help you understand something better if you do not know much about the domain

Now you have to buy a domain from a trusted company but for which domain you buy, you must know the information, if there is no information, then let me know.

You have to take the domain with the similer name that the traffic on the website or blog is very high, but in addition to this, people who are domaining the domain today adopt another way.

They do what they are doing, look at the enternet’s website, which is looking for more traffic, then buy the domain related to it, and after that they mail or contact with that website, I have a domain name related to it. If you want to buy Can buy it in so much money

Friends, the domain of Rs 399 is sometimes sold for 2 lakhs, 5 lakhs 10 lakhs, and its owener gets a home-based profit but if you want to do business in the domain then you have to understand first, because by taking any domain in 399 There is a risk of selling in 2 lakhs

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Bitcoin kya hai

What is Bitcoin

Friends, what is the bitcoin, where it meets, how much it gets, how it is painted, maybe you people will not know, and even if you do not know how to eat a bit of food at a grocery or other store.

When you search YouTube, you will find many videos of bitcoin but they tell you how to earn bitcoin in free. Friends, this is not real video. Channel thumnail makes such a thing that you definitely click on his video.

So, let’s be friends, I will clear all your duties on this article.

So first of all, we all have to know that bitcoin is what, friends bittoine is a kind of cryptocency, it means neither its size nor any color nor its fixed value.

Just like friends, a 500 rupee note here is 500 rupees and even if you give it to others it will cost only 500, but suppose we print a note of our own picture and give it to anyone in return Will someone take your photo printed note, will not take it, but when many notes come to the same note and say yes, then everyone will agree, the same thing is bitcoin

It started on January 3, 2009 and when it started, there was no cost to it. Friends would like to tell you once again that neither is this gold nor silver but since 2009, people have accepted it so much that now its At present, the price is approximately 1 bitcoin up to Rs 3 lakh

And the most important thing is that the bitcoin will only become 21 million in the whole world, not more than that

The currency of any country has the authority of the central bank and its government and some of these currency have some value

But anyone can make bittoine

The creator of the bitcoin does not know the name yet, but yes, the person who gave it to him is called Satoshi Nakamoto. Surely, like our friends, there are 100 paisa in 1 rupee, just like money is lost in the same way as Bitcoin And satoshi are fabricated

Satoshi Bitcoin has a unit

Bitcoin is not recognized by the Indian government and the RBI, but still there is tremendous enthusiasm for Bitcoin and its buying and selling

Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or company of any country

How to invest in Bitcoin

In order to invest in bitcoin, it would be appropriate to first look at the cost of bitcoine and its graaf first, because bitcoin has become very popular at this time and it is being procured in almost all countries and recently the Japanese government gave it recognition is

Now you can buy and sell it by visiting its official website.

The Friends of the Year, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, has invested in Bitcoin but his performances have not been very good;

If you are investing in bitcoin then you only need to know about its benefits-loss

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make a website,blog

How to make a free website and earn money in hindi, फ्री में वेबसाइट कैसे बनाये और पैसे कमाये

Hello friends, Today, you are going to make a website all in one free and earn money from it. Hope you all will like it.

As friends, if you all download or download songs and movies from any other website, then you can create your own website and download songs from others, but before that you all have to first blogging, that is, the article Or you have to create a blog’s website i.e. learning that you will not have any further problems

So friends in this post we will learn to make you

So first of all you guys blogger Create your own website by visiting Com and after making the website, you can custmize it, that means you have to first customize the theme of the blog. This is the best way to earn money. If you put the wrong theme on your blog then google adsense will not give you the apporaval if you do not get the apporve of Google Adsense then it is useless to create and blog your website

So friends have to write a post on the blog after properly custmizing them

You have to write a post on the subject that is trending, i.e. your search should be there after searching Google.

If your post does not appear in Google Search, then you have to change the settings of your blog.

Friends, after that you have to write 10-15 posts on your blog

After writing a post, you can create a google adsense account, because if you have to earn money it will be required.

After that, link your blog to google adsense

After a few days after your google adsense account has been verified, you can advertise your blog and make money

Apart from this, there are many videos on your YouTube website that will guide you well, but you have to watch the video which has been seen very much

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