Friends, Dream 11 Game Name Everyone will know that many people have even tried their luck here and would have won the prize but maybe they will not know what is the dream11 game, because today there are so many mobile and app in the market who speaks with me Play online cricket we will give you money etc. This is fake or real

Friends Dream11 is an online game in which you have to create your own team and the player who plays in this game is a real player, which means that whatever your player will play, according to the match they get a point, which is the point Will he get more cash

First of all, it is important to know that this game is legal or Illegal

Both Indian Government and High Court say that a player who is dependent on a full fortune like playing a player and he is going to make more runs, is taking huge amount of money on it, that is, if he scored that much then If the money is not created, the loss of money means that it is dependent on the complete suit, then such games are seen from the point of view of batting, betting is not a game, but games that use the brain Listener that game of skill says it is perfectly legal

Meaning that these Dream11 games are a game of skill game that means you will build your team by putting your own mind and you will earn money according to the team you play.

Dream11 is a fully restricted game according to its law, there are two states where it is not legal

Friends, this Dream 11 game application is not available on the Google Play Store because the google play store does not allow such an app to be placed on Google play store according to their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

So whenever anyone has to play these games then they can play on their website or they can download and play an APK file on their website, after downloading it after clicking on unknown source on your device. Can you

How to Play Dream11

Before playing this game, you will have to make a team of yourself like any match on that day, then you have to create a 11 player team accordingly, after which you can create any player as captain, vice caption etc.

When the match is going on, according to which you have selected your player and that player will play you will get points accordingly.

Then comes the different contestants in which their organizer asks for money. First you have to pay some money to this, after that you will pay this money.

How to earn Dream11 App

Now, how the earnings from the dream11 app are made, their organizers keep separate contacts, the number of people who play it increases, and they declare them different winners from the same money and pay the money and the rest of the money is sitting-its organizer Take it

IPL Cricket


Hello friends welcome all of you on this article,

Friends, hardly anyone will know about IPL, its passion is so much that today’s youth, children and even the old age are also very much like

But friends, do you know what is the IPL, why it is organized every year, it does benefit from it, or who gets the loss or profit, by whom, which team is lost, and which team’s profit, you Information is being provided by article

IPL is not a cricket business model, as you would know the name of the country where the name of cricket will be the name of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), it is definitely a non-profit orgnisation, it means that The money that the cricket team is earning should be invested in cricket again.

In 2008, a new setup was launched, named the Indian Premier League, in which eight teams were created and the teams were given the authorization that you can take players as you wish,

In 2008, sony set max TV channel paid Rs 8 thousand 200 crores to BCCI for 10 years on live TV broadcasting on its TV channel,

After this, from the year 2018 to 5 years, the Star Sports TV channel has given 16000 thousand crores of rupees to BCCI on its channel for live broadcasting.

This is their media right income

After this, the second income title was sponsored by the sponsor, when the IPL came first, then its name is DLF IPL after this Pepsi IPL and now its name is vivo IPL

So friends who are Vivo company, they have given BCCI Rs. 2200 crores for 5 years, for the title sponsor, which means that Vivo will come before these four words IPL

Overall, BCCI will get 20000 thousand crore rupees for 5 years

Now it has 4000 thousand crores of 1 year, now 40% of BCCI 4000 crores i.e. 1600 crores will be divided into these 8 teams.

Now every team will get 200 crores rupees, no matter how much or loser the match does not depend on, they have to get enough money.

After that the team earns money first. The title of the team’s sponsorship is written in the clothing of the team or the cap is written by any company and o company gives money to those teams besides the franchisees. Earns money from o home ticket

After that, the team who earns is the IPL prize of Rs 16 crore in the 2017 team winning team, the second runnerup got 11 crore rupees and the third and fourth team got 7-7 crore rupees.

According to the BCCI law, 50% of the IPL’s winning prize is to be given to the players if the captain wants to divide the entire money in the players but 50% must be given.

All these teams have a BCCI boss that means 20% of all sources of income from these teams have to be given to the BCCI.

Apart from all this, the team also has a loss of franchisees, but what happens in these 1 to 2 months is that they promote their product or brand so much that their losses also turn into profits.

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