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Hello friends are welcome, on my blog, everyone has started a new application before the Government of India to get the work related to NREGA or to work, from which you have to do tag work related to MNREGA and that too online mobile. In this app, the whole data collection of your Gram Sabhas remains. There is a new App Launch of NREGA which is used for the work of NREGA These tags have to be done in the works of Gram Panchayats before the work of that freeze work in this application, the staff related to the block level in this application is done frezze the works of your Gram Sabhas that you want to do. Manrega work jeo tagging does not happen before or after the work is done. Those works will not be paid. Online tagging of MNREGA is of three types, first is done in the first stage, second is Tagging is done during the working hours in the stipulation

Before doing the work, before the tag has to be tagged in the first step, what is the purpose of this, to download the Mango Geo Tagging app? This application will be downloaded from the official website of MNREGA, but it is not available on the Play Store.

Before geo tagging of MNREGA works, you have to fill the password and user name from the block level in the Geo Tagging app of your mobile, which you will get from the block, after which the employee related to the block will accept your request. You will be able to tag the works of NREGA

Before you tag before the first step, you have to choose the financial year, whatever your financial year, the year in which work is going to be done, you have to select it, after that you will have to listen to your state, after which you will have to choose your district. After the block will be selected, after the block, the Gram Panchayat or the Gram Sabha will have to make an election, after which you have to place an asset detail space on it, whatever you have done in your Gram Sabha The list of all those tasks will be done or will be done or will be visible on your mobile desk board. You have to click on the things you want to tag online, after which you will have to open the GPS of your mobile etc. In it you have to do Geo tagging within 10 meters, in case of distance exceeding 10 meters, your Geo tagging will not be valid and it will be rejected 10 meters If you do, then you have to do Geo tagging for the work

 The complete process of this online process is online. At the distance of 10 meters distance, you have to photograph the work related to the work of NREGA related to your work, in which you have to capture two photos, after capturing it click on the Save button After clicking on the apple button you have to click on the send. After you send it, your Geo Tagging Before will be complete. Now this is your first step. Procedure before was GeoTagging online, Geo tagging was the first step of the work of NREGA

To do geo tagging of the second step, you have to select state district block and village panchayat again from your mobile, after which you have to click on the same work that you have done before you have timing of B4 Here you have to click on the durring. The thing that matters to you is that you have to click on whatever work is done during the work. After the durring, you will get the sim process there. It will be visible as soon as you have sim sim sim process. You have to capture the photo then you have to see the PSI Quraishi 10 meters after which you can save only after clicking save you the Geo tagging of your MNREGA work. The second step i.e. the packing of the durring will be completed

For the third step i.e. to do after staging typing, again you do not have any state district and block and gram sabhas, after that you have to click again after you hear everything again and then you will get 10 meters To capture the photo within the distance of the range is to capture the photo. After capturing you will save you after you right click on the send you will get all three of the tasks Geo tagging is being done online

Narega plan , Payment in hindi

Mgnrega works payment, how to

 Friends, you have heard the name of NREGA, its name has been changed to Mgnrega, whose full name

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Is done

This scheme is run by the congress government

So friends talk about the payment procures of NREGA works

How do you pay the money in NREGA instead of working in and by

Because people who work related to you in the village just trick you or do not tell you the right information,

So stay clear of all your doubts on my post, after which you can get full information about your money from your sarpanch or employment servant, secretary without any interruption.

First of all, whenever there is any work under Mgnrega in your Gram Sabha or Gram Panchayat, then the work plan is prepared in the same year, this work plan is created by the Sarpanch or Employment Service, in which the work Estimated cost and its length width is also shown, but the point of attention among friends is that the estimated cost is not real, it is just demo

When working in your Gram Sabha, J. E or T. A related to that work, come and see that work and accordingly prepare the cost of that work.

Friends, this is the first step of NREGA’s works

Now after 7 days when working, then within 7 days, the employment service provider demands on the block that the person or woman doing this work is working

Now the person posted on the block in the computer operator, save the data of that demand on his computer and brings it to the procces and uploads it to the official website of NREGA.

In the 7 or more days, the servant should be given a must roll by the block, the name must be included in the mustroll which is given earlier in the demand, if there is any problem in the disturbance or relets from your job card, then your name mustroll Will not be in

Now after this, the Employment Sevak fills the mustrool as per the work per person, and then applies signature or thumb to all the workers on which the sarpanch and the secretary also do signature and in the end, again the employment minister will give it on the mustrool block. is

After that, the computer operator leaves a wage list by feeding the mustrool in which the laborer name is their job card number account number.

Now the wagelist has to pay for the accountant and BDO (block devlopment officer)

An F. T.O. (fund transfering order) sends it to PFMS (public financial management system) now PFM server recieves the fto. After everything is correct, fund transfer order finally reaches the bank.

That is, if you have a budget in the NREGA account of the state, money will be accessed in your account

Friends, it takes about 15 days in the process if your mustrool will be of 7 days in more than one day or more according to the same amount of money comes into account

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What is Mgnrega,  नरेगा क्या है

Friends, you have heard many times about NREGA, many people will have worked in this scheme, NREGA’s work plan or information related to it, I am sharing true information like per person employment, wages etc, hope this article You really liked

Friends, the full name of NREGA is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Friends These names were changed on February 2, 2006 before its name

National Employment Guarantee Act was

This scheme was started by the Congress government in 2005.

This scheme means employment opportunities for everyone in rural areas

It is the objective of the Ministry of Rural Development to give indirect benefits to the poor

Let the friends tell you for information that this scheme was included by the government earlier, which included about 200 districts, gradually adding 100 more districts

Ultimately, till 2008, districts of entire India were included

This entire scheme has been made about the rights and demands of the villagers.

Workers who work in this scheme get wages within 15 days but the wages of every state are different.

Friends, the most important thing about this plan is that it also carries about 90% of the Central Government, which means that you are being given the wages of NREGA work by the Central Government and not by the State Government.

And the most important thing about this plan is that you have to do physical work in it, not by any machine or contractor,

The type of worker working in this scheme is unskilld

And the state government allows adult members of each family to work in each year

NREGA is a commendable step governed by the Congress government, many families living in the village today.

Whatever works in NREGA, but firstly women have the right to be self-sufficient,

Whatever the rule by the government, it is necessary that women should be 30 days in 100 days’ work.

30% of women are required to work on any demand

This scheme is being defamed by some political dramas and due to its wages and account number related problems, the workers are afraid of working in the villages today, and one of the biggest reasons for this is that the wages are 175 rupees (UP)

The wages of this scheme have been determined according to different states

This scheme continues to grow almost a few wages in its financial year

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