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Friends, Film Everyone Everyone is watching movies very well, everyone has their own hero heroes and they like a hero heroine, follow them.

 A movie is such that it entertains people, even though children are old and young, they are entertained by any film, hence the craze for movies in India remains much higher and almost film industry is about our Bollywood film industry Bollywood is the world’s second largest producer after Hollywood, so the craze of Bollywood movies remains overseas. Financial films or that Bollywood industry like very much to them is their number one being is all Bollywood movies are Action, drama, thril all movies too much Pasndsbi all movies like very much and like

Film city Kaise jaaye

Friends are a very easy way to go to Mumbai Film City. If you are a resident of Mumbai then you will know but if you live outside of Mumbai, live in another state, then you may have to face some difficulty. is
Because before entering the movie city, there are some security guards, which will stop you because they do not want security guards there to shoot you in the film city without any work, without permission. The director of the producer Yadav Crew Member is either a serial or a film, he does not want anybody else to come.

Friends, whoever goes to the film city, his film City has a different card made of Artist Card.
The Artist Card is made up of which can move freely, feel free to go inside the film City
But apart from all this, if you do not have any identification, then you may have trouble going in
Now apart from all this, if you want to go for personal expenses by spending money, you can go there because there are many people there, there are brokers who have Van and they take a few rupees and make a full tour of the film city.

But you have to stay away from the brokers here because they can cheat with you, take part in your money and maybe you will not even be able to tour the movie city, so as far as possible with a known friend relative You may be deceived in the situation of being unaware if you go to film City

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Film industry business

 Hello friends how are you all friends, we all watch movies but do we know how movies are made, how to earn money, after getting a lot of information, today this post is trying to share some information with you. You will definitely like to make any film, money is required, but what happens after this is to make a film What processes do you have to go through? How is the movie releasing how money works?

Friends have to undergo four processes before making any film


2- Pre-Production


4- Post-production

All these 4 stages are needed to make any movie


The first work in development stage is writing scripts, which include script, dialogue, dialogue, etc. All these things are included in the development stage, the development stage is the first base of any movie production.

2- Pre- Production-

The pre production stage involves the shooting of the film cast, etc., that is, in the film, hero heroine who will be the number of crew members and how many shooting will be done.


Production will start in the Production Stage, from the beginning of the shooting to the end, all the things that will be in the production stage, all production company producer hires.

4- Post-production-

Whatever work is done after the film’s finish, i.e., the visual effect, sound music, design etc. comes under post production.

Now the filmmaking process is over, now the movie is ready to be released at the multiplex theater in the theater

अब प्रोड्यूसर अपनी फिल्म से पैसा कैसे कमाते हैं

There are 2 cases to earn money from any movie

In the first case, some producers themselves become distributors such as Erosnow, dharma, Yashraj film etc.

In other cases the producers who are producers are indivisible who sell their films in the hands of the distributor and withdraw their profits from them.

Now how the distributor earns money from those films, the real game starts from here

When any distributor wants to buy any film, then the promotions of that movie put a lot of money in marketing because in today’s time there is no hit movie without any promotion and flops.

First of all, the distributor sends the film’s satellite rights, music rights, etc. Some meanings mean that almost anything of the amount spent during filmmaking is found by the respective amount distributor.

After that the distributor sells the film to all the distributors who are below them.

Now all this distributor will be the multiplex theater as their distributor will send the film to all those who earn from the ticket of Hina, they are called Gross Income. Taxes also have to be given to the state government.

Whatever the money you pay after giving tax, the distributors and sub distributors share the money.

Keeping all these things in mind, if the film is a hit then its producers and distributors, sub-distributors will all be in benefit

If the film flopes then producers and distributors suffer from it.

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jeo tagging mgnrega online image

Hello friends are welcome, on my blog, everyone has started a new application before the Government of India to get the work related to NREGA or to work, from which you have to do tag work related to MNREGA and that too online mobile. In this app, the whole data collection of your Gram Sabhas remains. There is a new App Launch of NREGA which is used for the work of NREGA These tags have to be done in the works of Gram Panchayats before the work of that freeze work in this application, the staff related to the block level in this application is done frezze the works of your Gram Sabhas that you want to do. Manrega work jeo tagging does not happen before or after the work is done. Those works will not be paid. Online tagging of MNREGA is of three types, first is done in the first stage, second is Tagging is done during the working hours in the stipulation

Before doing the work, before the tag has to be tagged in the first step, what is the purpose of this, to download the Mango Geo Tagging app? This application will be downloaded from the official website of MNREGA, but it is not available on the Play Store.

Before geo tagging of MNREGA works, you have to fill the password and user name from the block level in the Geo Tagging app of your mobile, which you will get from the block, after which the employee related to the block will accept your request. You will be able to tag the works of NREGA

Before you tag before the first step, you have to choose the financial year, whatever your financial year, the year in which work is going to be done, you have to select it, after that you will have to listen to your state, after which you will have to choose your district. After the block will be selected, after the block, the Gram Panchayat or the Gram Sabha will have to make an election, after which you have to place an asset detail space on it, whatever you have done in your Gram Sabha The list of all those tasks will be done or will be done or will be visible on your mobile desk board. You have to click on the things you want to tag online, after which you will have to open the GPS of your mobile etc. In it you have to do Geo tagging within 10 meters, in case of distance exceeding 10 meters, your Geo tagging will not be valid and it will be rejected 10 meters If you do, then you have to do Geo tagging for the work

 The complete process of this online process is online. At the distance of 10 meters distance, you have to photograph the work related to the work of NREGA related to your work, in which you have to capture two photos, after capturing it click on the Save button After clicking on the apple button you have to click on the send. After you send it, your Geo Tagging Before will be complete. Now this is your first step. Procedure before was GeoTagging online, Geo tagging was the first step of the work of NREGA

To do geo tagging of the second step, you have to select state district block and village panchayat again from your mobile, after which you have to click on the same work that you have done before you have timing of B4 Here you have to click on the durring. The thing that matters to you is that you have to click on whatever work is done during the work. After the durring, you will get the sim process there. It will be visible as soon as you have sim sim sim process. You have to capture the photo then you have to see the PSI Quraishi 10 meters after which you can save only after clicking save you the Geo tagging of your MNREGA work. The second step i.e. the packing of the durring will be completed

For the third step i.e. to do after staging typing, again you do not have any state district and block and gram sabhas, after that you have to click again after you hear everything again and then you will get 10 meters To capture the photo within the distance of the range is to capture the photo. After capturing you will save you after you right click on the send you will get all three of the tasks Geo tagging is being done online