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 All people will know because ATM is going to be an ATM card in the house of everybody in today’s time, so that ATM machine comes to work with money withdrawal. There are many such cards in this card, which also money withdrawal and many Types of online offline payment methods are used

Just as you can cash money from an ATM car and no other work can be related to online.

For this, we have several such cards that we can take advantage of all the facilities, in these related fields

What is the first ATM card? Where is it used to know from Bistar


ATM card is a card issued by the bank which is linked to your account. You can withdraw money from the ATM card only with the ATM machine. The amount of money in your account, only you can withdraw money from your ATM card. There is no logo on top of the card like -rupay, master card, visa etc. You can not withdraw any lending money from this card

ATM cards can not be used in any machine other than ATM machine and neither can buy any product online.

Debit card

The debit card will look similar to the ATM card, the only difference between the ATM card in the debit card is that you have to write mastercard, rupay, or visa on the card.

In addition to the use of ATM cards like Debit Card ATM card, you can also use many types of work.

Apart from online purchasing, you can use these cards wherever you can with mastercard, visa card, rupay card merchant

Like ATM card, these debit cards are also linked to your bank account

Credit Card-

The credit card is also very similar to a debit card. Credit cards do not have all the people. There is some rule and some eligibility for the bank to get it, after completing it you will be able to get a credit card.

Limit of credit card money is decided by the bank, so that you can withdraw just as much money as the bank gives you on your credit card.

The credit card is also written as mastercard, visa, or rupay, it is also used as a debit card, you can use the debit card in the swipe machine.

The particular thing about a credit card is that you can not withdraw money from the ATM machine with this card.

Because the credit card is not linked to your bank account, the money you spend on your credit card will have to be given to the bank from time to time if the bank does not get the money in time, the bank charges its interest on these credit cards.

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