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 All people will know because ATM is going to be an ATM card in the house of everybody in today’s time, so that ATM machine comes to work with money withdrawal. There are many such cards in this card, which also money withdrawal and many Types of online offline payment methods are used

Just as you can cash money from an ATM car and no other work can be related to online.

For this, we have several such cards that we can take advantage of all the facilities, in these related fields

What is the first ATM card? Where is it used to know from Bistar


ATM card is a card issued by the bank which is linked to your account. You can withdraw money from the ATM card only with the ATM machine. The amount of money in your account, only you can withdraw money from your ATM card. There is no logo on top of the card like -rupay, master card, visa etc. You can not withdraw any lending money from this card

ATM cards can not be used in any machine other than ATM machine and neither can buy any product online.

Debit card

The debit card will look similar to the ATM card, the only difference between the ATM card in the debit card is that you have to write mastercard, rupay, or visa on the card.

In addition to the use of ATM cards like Debit Card ATM card, you can also use many types of work.

Apart from online purchasing, you can use these cards wherever you can with mastercard, visa card, rupay card merchant

Like ATM card, these debit cards are also linked to your bank account

Credit Card-

The credit card is also very similar to a debit card. Credit cards do not have all the people. There is some rule and some eligibility for the bank to get it, after completing it you will be able to get a credit card.

Limit of credit card money is decided by the bank, so that you can withdraw just as much money as the bank gives you on your credit card.

The credit card is also written as mastercard, visa, or rupay, it is also used as a debit card, you can use the debit card in the swipe machine.

The particular thing about a credit card is that you can not withdraw money from the ATM machine with this card.

Because the credit card is not linked to your bank account, the money you spend on your credit card will have to be given to the bank from time to time if the bank does not get the money in time, the bank charges its interest on these credit cards.

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Friends, Dream 11 Game Name Everyone will know that many people have even tried their luck here and would have won the prize but maybe they will not know what is the dream11 game, because today there are so many mobile and app in the market who speaks with me Play online cricket we will give you money etc. This is fake or real

Friends Dream11 is an online game in which you have to create your own team and the player who plays in this game is a real player, which means that whatever your player will play, according to the match they get a point, which is the point Will he get more cash

First of all, it is important to know that this game is legal or Illegal

Both Indian Government and High Court say that a player who is dependent on a full fortune like playing a player and he is going to make more runs, is taking huge amount of money on it, that is, if he scored that much then If the money is not created, the loss of money means that it is dependent on the complete suit, then such games are seen from the point of view of batting, betting is not a game, but games that use the brain Listener that game of skill says it is perfectly legal

Meaning that these Dream11 games are a game of skill game that means you will build your team by putting your own mind and you will earn money according to the team you play.

Dream11 is a fully restricted game according to its law, there are two states where it is not legal

Friends, this Dream 11 game application is not available on the Google Play Store because the google play store does not allow such an app to be placed on Google play store according to their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

So whenever anyone has to play these games then they can play on their website or they can download and play an APK file on their website, after downloading it after clicking on unknown source on your device. Can you

How to Play Dream11

Before playing this game, you will have to make a team of yourself like any match on that day, then you have to create a 11 player team accordingly, after which you can create any player as captain, vice caption etc.

When the match is going on, according to which you have selected your player and that player will play you will get points accordingly.

Then comes the different contestants in which their organizer asks for money. First you have to pay some money to this, after that you will pay this money.

How to earn Dream11 App

Now, how the earnings from the dream11 app are made, their organizers keep separate contacts, the number of people who play it increases, and they declare them different winners from the same money and pay the money and the rest of the money is sitting-its organizer Take it

antivirus software


Friends name of Antivirus Everyone knows that it is used in places related to computers, Android and elsewhere in technology, especially in the process of deleting the virus which damages our computer and phone and transmits the way to all these viruses. Antivirus was designed to deal with any device so that any device could work smoothly and not hang or have any problems related to it.

The work of an Antivirus is that they scan your device or computer and protect it from viruses.

Whenever you install an Antivirus softwere, then it brings a list of several libraries along with it, which always gets updated.

And here in these lists, there is information about all the viruses that have been received and have been created so far and what happens after that whatever you scan your computer’s files, the list that contains your complete data Match one part of the same with all those files, but do not match the whole because if they get a match then they know that the file that is in it has a virus and you can remove it. Is

Not working for any antivirus properly means that the antivirus does not get updated

Suppose a virus has just devloped and permission has not yet reached your computer, even if you continue to scan it will not even be able to catch the virus and in this case you may find that your computer is clean while there is no No virus remains

So keep track of your antivirus as far as possible.

Here you will find two options: Free Antivirus and Secondly paid Antivirus

Best Antivirus Software –

Free Antivirus can not scan your computer well, or if you do, some viruses will definitely be there, so it will be better if you do not use Free Antivirus.

Here, if you have to take good care of your computer, then use Paid Antivirus as Paid Antivirus is a good idea to remove any virus

You can take any antivirus in Paid Antivirus because Paid Antivirus does not have any kind of problem and it works well

Here you have some Paid Antivirus names that you can put in your computer

Best Paid Antivirus-

1-bit defender antivirus plus

2-Norton Antivirus Basic

3-ESET NOD32 Antivirus

4-Webfoot Secure anywhere Antivirus

5-Kaspersky Antivirus

6-Panda Antivirus Pro

7-Trend micro Antivirus + Security

The above mentioned Antivirus Softwere is all these paid Antivirus

Free Antivirus

1-Avast Free Antivirus

2-Avira Free Antivirus

There is something to understand here because some viruses are also encrypting themselves and in such a case, we do not recognize these viruses and get caught in scanning.

Apart from this, there are many anti-malwere softwares which not only detect viruses but also trojans (do not contain trojan viruses)

The work of anti malwere is that whatever your computer has a virus, is a Trojan, and what is it doing or what are they taking in this action, so this enters the anti malwere

That’s why many times it happens that there are legit software, there are several times a warning for viruses.

Therefore, use a Paid Antivirus software as far as possible.

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RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI Transaction in hindi

What is RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI 

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Friends have heard names like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS etc. but what is this is called use, few people will know

So stay friends, I am sharing information related to you on this blog Hope you will enjoy this article.

Friends, when a person transfers money from one bank to another, then the transfer money is made by NEFT, RTGS, IMPS

First of all, know about NEFT.

NEFT-national electronic fund transefer

These were made in 2005 and those who made it used to use their brains, that is, as much as they had the resources and the server or related things, they thought that someone from one bank to another To transfer money, how often will it and how many times our servers have to work then these people thought that they should make a bunch of these things then these people Made the bunch of transactions in one hour and gave it to the computer and the computer converted it to a digital form.

That is why NEFT transactions take 2-4 hours because when these people created it from their resources and servers, according to them these people thought it would be right to make a good bunch from one transaction because when hundred, two hundred, Five hundred transit bunches will be made, the transaction will be easy and the transit will continue in half an hour and all this happens in the digital form itself. Survivors of Utter’s Rescue

The timing of NEFT is also from 8 AM to 6:30 PM.

This means their transaction takes place only in their working hours.

RTGS-Real Time Gross settlement

If a person wanted to transact more than 2 lakh paisa, then at that time it seemed to be more than that, then after that he created RTGS in the same year 2005.

And the RTGS keeps the account holders’ money in real time.

Like nEFT, this transaction is only in the working hour.

IMPS-Immediate Payment Service

IMPS also works like RTGS, but its working hour is 24 hours i.e., whatever money you have by IMPS, any time you can exchange money with it.

And the special thing about IMPS is that no holidays or banking related holidays do not matter to it.

IMPS has not been created by the bankers, it is made by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) which means that whatever RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, all these bosses are NPCI.

IMPS launched in 2010

In the IMPS, NEFT, RTGS transaction, the first beneficiary has to fill the full details, then activates in 4-5 hours or more, after which the payment is transferred.

The time here seems to be more because whenever you add a new beneficiary so that if someone wrongly hacked your account details by filling your account details, then you should get a notification, it is not that there is no manual sitting Because the name you gave the given number is all or not, all this is done by the system, so the waiting and bending period was created and it was created so that you do not get hacked. Received to

All this is an update from 2010. Then came the UPI.

UPI-Unified Payment interface

UPI does not have to fill any details of any person’s account number, IFSC code, name

Here you can create an ID from your account by creating an ID

Whatever the payment will be on your ID, and that ID is transmitted to the real time by IMPS in the real time.

And here NPCI manages all things

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