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How to track cellphone by police in hindi, सेलफोन को ट्रैक कैसे करें

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So let’s talk about mobile phone tracking.

How does the police track a mobile phone, mobile number, and in what way the culprit is caught


These GPS does not work in traditional cases

If your phone or GPS is on, then the police help the friends

Besides, if the police want to track any comman person, then if the person’s SIM is in a Nokia or other handset then the police will not be able to find the real location of that person.

But those policemen will definitely get a range that the mobile phone is running in this area.

Apart from all this, the police takes the help of trangulation, now what is tranulation, talk about bistar

What is trunulation

Let’s assume that friends who have the phone you have, must be connected to some network tower, so in such a situation, friends get an idea of ​​the signal that there is a distance between them.

The thing to note about here is that if the phone is on 2G network then its IDI is in a different range

If it is 3G then its Idea will be of a different range, which means that you will be able to pin its pinpoint, it depends on your 2G, 3G, 4G.

Let’s assume the police of friends know that this phone number is in the 1 kilometer range of this tower

Now it can mean any east, west, north, south in any direction of 1 km, and if the phone is connected to another tower, the location will not be known,

But if friends have 3 towers then the location of that mobile will be known that 1 is at a distance of 1 meter from the tower and is so far from the second tower and the distance from the third tower is so distant

Friends, I would like to repeat my point that this is a range, there is no fix point, after which the police itself manually searches

There is no such tracking technology yet we do not tell the real location of any mobile, and where there is a GPS, there is a different thing, like if you want to track someone with your own, then call your phone Iniciate the person’s phone’s in-app, you will be able to tell the location of the correct real location, but a pin pin point will not be able to tell but yes, just a few meters away.

By I P Adderes

Now let’s talk about IP adderes, if the police knows your ip adderes then the police can reach your door because friends ip adderes is the second thing they have a different record, only the relative can know from this

The most important thing is that if your phone is swicth off in the airoplene mode, then the police can not track you anytime. But if the call from last location is made from that phone and the phone has been locked in the same place then the police Find out from the ideas given above.

And it is impossible to track the phone in any other way.

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