What is Domain , buy a Domain ,Domain business in hindi

What is Domain , how to buy a Domain ,how to start Domain business ,in hindi

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Domain, which is the website of the blog,

If you are running a blog or a website then surely you must have purchased a domain if there is no information about the domain, then continue to be a step to step on this post.

This is the domain that you listen to .com, .in, .org etc. they are associated with the website or are purchased.

If you search any thing on the Internet, the url you enter will be a website or blog contains .com, in them. in ,. org etc. This is the same .com, .in, domain.

These domains are purchased after that are added to your site

Generally when you create any site or blog, it contains blogspot, wordpress etc. All this is their free service.

Websites or blogs that have not been purchased by the creator domain, have a blogspot or wordpress in their site, and it stays until you buy a domain name and associate it with your site, in case of blogspot, your blog, The visitor is less likely to visit the website and can not even rank in Google.

If you have made a website or blog and do not come to Google search console then your website, blog will not work anymore,

So buy a domain from a trusted company as far as possible.

Whenever the domain is purchased, it is purchased from a trusted website because there are many compnies in the internet market which cheaply make domain purchases, but that domain does not have much value on those websites.

In.Godaddy.com, india.resellerclub.com These companies have been trusted today and many people are buying the domain from these companies and their demand is also getting bigger,

Then buy the domain name Godaddy as far as possible.

How to start Domain business

The market of the domain business is continuing to spread because there is a lot of profits and cost is very low so many people are taking it as part time business.

Friends, you can also start the domain business but how

So first of all, you will see uploaded videos on YouTube relating to it, this will help you understand something better if you do not know much about the domain

Now you have to buy a domain from a trusted company but for which domain you buy, you must know the information, if there is no information, then let me know.

You have to take the domain with the similer name that the traffic on the website or blog is very high, but in addition to this, people who are domaining the domain today adopt another way.

They do what they are doing, look at the enternet’s website, which is looking for more traffic, then buy the domain related to it, and after that they mail or contact with that website, I have a domain name related to it. If you want to buy Can buy it in so much money

Friends, the domain of Rs 399 is sometimes sold for 2 lakhs, 5 lakhs 10 lakhs, and its owener gets a home-based profit but if you want to do business in the domain then you have to understand first, because by taking any domain in 399 There is a risk of selling in 2 lakhs

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