Bitcoin kya hai

What is Bitcoin

Friends, what is the bitcoin, where it meets, how much it gets, how it is painted, maybe you people will not know, and even if you do not know how to eat a bit of food at a grocery or other store.

When you search YouTube, you will find many videos of bitcoin but they tell you how to earn bitcoin in free. Friends, this is not real video. Channel thumnail makes such a thing that you definitely click on his video.

So, let’s be friends, I will clear all your duties on this article.

So first of all, we all have to know that bitcoin is what, friends bittoine is a kind of cryptocency, it means neither its size nor any color nor its fixed value.

Just like friends, a 500 rupee note here is 500 rupees and even if you give it to others it will cost only 500, but suppose we print a note of our own picture and give it to anyone in return Will someone take your photo printed note, will not take it, but when many notes come to the same note and say yes, then everyone will agree, the same thing is bitcoin

It started on January 3, 2009 and when it started, there was no cost to it. Friends would like to tell you once again that neither is this gold nor silver but since 2009, people have accepted it so much that now its At present, the price is approximately 1 bitcoin up to Rs 3 lakh

And the most important thing is that the bitcoin will only become 21 million in the whole world, not more than that

The currency of any country has the authority of the central bank and its government and some of these currency have some value

But anyone can make bittoine

The creator of the bitcoin does not know the name yet, but yes, the person who gave it to him is called Satoshi Nakamoto. Surely, like our friends, there are 100 paisa in 1 rupee, just like money is lost in the same way as Bitcoin And satoshi are fabricated

Satoshi Bitcoin has a unit

Bitcoin is not recognized by the Indian government and the RBI, but still there is tremendous enthusiasm for Bitcoin and its buying and selling

Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or company of any country

How to invest in Bitcoin

In order to invest in bitcoin, it would be appropriate to first look at the cost of bitcoine and its graaf first, because bitcoin has become very popular at this time and it is being procured in almost all countries and recently the Japanese government gave it recognition is

Now you can buy and sell it by visiting its official website.

The Friends of the Year, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, has invested in Bitcoin but his performances have not been very good;

If you are investing in bitcoin then you only need to know about its benefits-loss

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