The casting couch

 Friends, Hello today, all of you want to tell about the casting couch,

So friends before, perhaps you would have heard about the casting couch, but you did not have any specific information or not.

Casting couch has been happening everywhere in India or in all industries, not only in India, but also in government or non-governmental organizations.

And the biggest thing is that when any couch comes into the media, it is suppressed by its biggie,

Casting couch

Casting coffers by giving a blur by a person to work or give a job to a man, a woman or a girl, instead of physical exploitation.

After you apply the job or after giving a verbal or written examination,

After qualifying the interview or after failing in the interview, the condition of being convinced by the interviewer or his owener is called a casting couch, and this happens only when you wish, there is no gaurantee or absence of a job, because it does not remain Here is the relationship with your wishes

In India, bollywood, tollywood, or almost all the film, television industry has been accused of casting couch, in which many actors have come out openly.

But this is not happening today, almost everywhere

If you need to be just aware,

Casting couch is an indivisual worm, which exploits or keeps them from every single girl by the same person, only and only greed to get work or greed to continue working

How close will the casting couch

Now it depends on you

Because to execute this abominable process, you have to deside, you are being told wrong, if it fails to know, you may or may be the victim of casting couch.

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What is Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing , Affiliate मार्केटिंग क्या है, इससे पैसा कैसे कमाते हैं

Hello friends ,

Today, all of you want to tell about affiliate marketing, how can you start your affiliate marketing without any help, and how this is affiliate and how to start affiliate marketing.

And how much is earning from it, people are earning a lot of money. By starting your affiliate, you can also earn, there is no doubt in it because today’s younger generation is also running towards Affiliate, so if you can earn good money from Affiliate So what’s the matter of late

So friends will create a blog or you tube channel first. How do you make a blog? This is what I told you in my previous post. But I did not write the post of YouTube Channel but you will find so many videos from YouTube that you have a good Blog or youtube channel,

You must have a blog to do affiliate marketing, because your marketing will go to a higher level through the blog because your affiliate is the custodian of the traffic on the blog or channel.

So you’ve even created a blog, now what you have to do

Any company selling any online product such as amazon, flipcart etc. can register and visit the site you want to put on your blog.

How is this earning from now? Guys also know this. Friends, this is earning you in many ways

1-By Advertising Show

Yes, Friends, First of all, you are the only one who buys the product that is purchased on your own blog, but even then the traffic coming to your blog is seen by that company’s product, then the owner of that company will show you the product of his product. This is your first plus point.

Selling 2-product

The second and the most profitable is to buy from the Affiliate, which is the product,

Friends, the process is the same, the traffic coming to your blog, whatever custumer registers from your blog, buys any product from your blog, the owener of that company gives us commision

Friends, when you register for any affiliate marketing, you must first register according to your discretion.

So you can register only on trusted sites like amazon, flipcart

Afiiliate Marketing from Youtube

Friends, Secondly, how will you affiliate marketing from YouTube

If you have made or made a YouTube channel, then you must be registered with a company that sells an online product.

After registering, you can show the product given by the company on your videos.

If you see your videos buying a product from your link then you will get your commission.

Thank you