IPL Cricket


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Friends, hardly anyone will know about IPL, its passion is so much that today’s youth, children and even the old age are also very much like

But friends, do you know what is the IPL, why it is organized every year, it does benefit from it, or who gets the loss or profit, by whom, which team is lost, and which team’s profit, you Information is being provided by article

IPL is not a cricket business model, as you would know the name of the country where the name of cricket will be the name of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), it is definitely a non-profit orgnisation, it means that The money that the cricket team is earning should be invested in cricket again.

In 2008, a new setup was launched, named the Indian Premier League, in which eight teams were created and the teams were given the authorization that you can take players as you wish,

In 2008, sony set max TV channel paid Rs 8 thousand 200 crores to BCCI for 10 years on live TV broadcasting on its TV channel,

After this, from the year 2018 to 5 years, the Star Sports TV channel has given 16000 thousand crores of rupees to BCCI on its channel for live broadcasting.

This is their media right income

After this, the second income title was sponsored by the sponsor, when the IPL came first, then its name is DLF IPL after this Pepsi IPL and now its name is vivo IPL

So friends who are Vivo company, they have given BCCI Rs. 2200 crores for 5 years, for the title sponsor, which means that Vivo will come before these four words IPL

Overall, BCCI will get 20000 thousand crore rupees for 5 years

Now it has 4000 thousand crores of 1 year, now 40% of BCCI 4000 crores i.e. 1600 crores will be divided into these 8 teams.

Now every team will get 200 crores rupees, no matter how much or loser the match does not depend on, they have to get enough money.

After that the team earns money first. The title of the team’s sponsorship is written in the clothing of the team or the cap is written by any company and o company gives money to those teams besides the franchisees. Earns money from o home ticket

After that, the team who earns is the IPL prize of Rs 16 crore in the 2017 team winning team, the second runnerup got 11 crore rupees and the third and fourth team got 7-7 crore rupees.

According to the BCCI law, 50% of the IPL’s winning prize is to be given to the players if the captain wants to divide the entire money in the players but 50% must be given.

All these teams have a BCCI boss that means 20% of all sources of income from these teams have to be given to the BCCI.

Apart from all this, the team also has a loss of franchisees, but what happens in these 1 to 2 months is that they promote their product or brand so much that their losses also turn into profits.

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track cell phone

How to track cellphone by police in hindi, सेलफोन को ट्रैक कैसे करें

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So let’s talk about mobile phone tracking.

How does the police track a mobile phone, mobile number, and in what way the culprit is caught


These GPS does not work in traditional cases

If your phone or GPS is on, then the police help the friends

Besides, if the police want to track any comman person, then if the person’s SIM is in a Nokia or other handset then the police will not be able to find the real location of that person.

But those policemen will definitely get a range that the mobile phone is running in this area.

Apart from all this, the police takes the help of trangulation, now what is tranulation, talk about bistar

What is trunulation

Let’s assume that friends who have the phone you have, must be connected to some network tower, so in such a situation, friends get an idea of ​​the signal that there is a distance between them.

The thing to note about here is that if the phone is on 2G network then its IDI is in a different range

If it is 3G then its Idea will be of a different range, which means that you will be able to pin its pinpoint, it depends on your 2G, 3G, 4G.

Let’s assume the police of friends know that this phone number is in the 1 kilometer range of this tower

Now it can mean any east, west, north, south in any direction of 1 km, and if the phone is connected to another tower, the location will not be known,

But if friends have 3 towers then the location of that mobile will be known that 1 is at a distance of 1 meter from the tower and is so far from the second tower and the distance from the third tower is so distant

Friends, I would like to repeat my point that this is a range, there is no fix point, after which the police itself manually searches

There is no such tracking technology yet we do not tell the real location of any mobile, and where there is a GPS, there is a different thing, like if you want to track someone with your own, then call your phone Iniciate the person’s phone’s in-app, you will be able to tell the location of the correct real location, but a pin pin point will not be able to tell but yes, just a few meters away.

By I P Adderes

Now let’s talk about IP adderes, if the police knows your ip adderes then the police can reach your door because friends ip adderes is the second thing they have a different record, only the relative can know from this

The most important thing is that if your phone is swicth off in the airoplene mode, then the police can not track you anytime. But if the call from last location is made from that phone and the phone has been locked in the same place then the police Find out from the ideas given above.

And it is impossible to track the phone in any other way.

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What is Domain , buy a Domain ,Domain business in hindi

What is Domain , how to buy a Domain ,how to start Domain business ,in hindi

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Domain, which is the website of the blog,

If you are running a blog or a website then surely you must have purchased a domain if there is no information about the domain, then continue to be a step to step on this post.

This is the domain that you listen to .com, .in, .org etc. they are associated with the website or are purchased.

If you search any thing on the Internet, the url you enter will be a website or blog contains .com, in them. in ,. org etc. This is the same .com, .in, domain.

These domains are purchased after that are added to your site

Generally when you create any site or blog, it contains blogspot, wordpress etc. All this is their free service.

Websites or blogs that have not been purchased by the creator domain, have a blogspot or wordpress in their site, and it stays until you buy a domain name and associate it with your site, in case of blogspot, your blog, The visitor is less likely to visit the website and can not even rank in Google.

If you have made a website or blog and do not come to Google search console then your website, blog will not work anymore,

So buy a domain from a trusted company as far as possible.

Whenever the domain is purchased, it is purchased from a trusted website because there are many compnies in the internet market which cheaply make domain purchases, but that domain does not have much value on those websites.

In.Godaddy.com, india.resellerclub.com These companies have been trusted today and many people are buying the domain from these companies and their demand is also getting bigger,

Then buy the domain name Godaddy as far as possible.

How to start Domain business

The market of the domain business is continuing to spread because there is a lot of profits and cost is very low so many people are taking it as part time business.

Friends, you can also start the domain business but how

So first of all, you will see uploaded videos on YouTube relating to it, this will help you understand something better if you do not know much about the domain

Now you have to buy a domain from a trusted company but for which domain you buy, you must know the information, if there is no information, then let me know.

You have to take the domain with the similer name that the traffic on the website or blog is very high, but in addition to this, people who are domaining the domain today adopt another way.

They do what they are doing, look at the enternet’s website, which is looking for more traffic, then buy the domain related to it, and after that they mail or contact with that website, I have a domain name related to it. If you want to buy Can buy it in so much money

Friends, the domain of Rs 399 is sometimes sold for 2 lakhs, 5 lakhs 10 lakhs, and its owener gets a home-based profit but if you want to do business in the domain then you have to understand first, because by taking any domain in 399 There is a risk of selling in 2 lakhs

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Bitcoin kya hai

What is Bitcoin

Friends, what is the bitcoin, where it meets, how much it gets, how it is painted, maybe you people will not know, and even if you do not know how to eat a bit of food at a grocery or other store.

When you search YouTube, you will find many videos of bitcoin but they tell you how to earn bitcoin in free. Friends, this is not real video. Channel thumnail makes such a thing that you definitely click on his video.

So, let’s be friends, I will clear all your duties on this article.

So first of all, we all have to know that bitcoin is what, friends bittoine is a kind of cryptocency, it means neither its size nor any color nor its fixed value.

Just like friends, a 500 rupee note here is 500 rupees and even if you give it to others it will cost only 500, but suppose we print a note of our own picture and give it to anyone in return Will someone take your photo printed note, will not take it, but when many notes come to the same note and say yes, then everyone will agree, the same thing is bitcoin

It started on January 3, 2009 and when it started, there was no cost to it. Friends would like to tell you once again that neither is this gold nor silver but since 2009, people have accepted it so much that now its At present, the price is approximately 1 bitcoin up to Rs 3 lakh

And the most important thing is that the bitcoin will only become 21 million in the whole world, not more than that

The currency of any country has the authority of the central bank and its government and some of these currency have some value

But anyone can make bittoine

The creator of the bitcoin does not know the name yet, but yes, the person who gave it to him is called Satoshi Nakamoto. Surely, like our friends, there are 100 paisa in 1 rupee, just like money is lost in the same way as Bitcoin And satoshi are fabricated

Satoshi Bitcoin has a unit

Bitcoin is not recognized by the Indian government and the RBI, but still there is tremendous enthusiasm for Bitcoin and its buying and selling

Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or company of any country

How to invest in Bitcoin

In order to invest in bitcoin, it would be appropriate to first look at the cost of bitcoine and its graaf first, because bitcoin has become very popular at this time and it is being procured in almost all countries and recently the Japanese government gave it recognition is

Now you can buy and sell it by visiting its official website.

The Friends of the Year, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, has invested in Bitcoin but his performances have not been very good;

If you are investing in bitcoin then you only need to know about its benefits-loss

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Narega plan , Payment in hindi

Mgnrega works payment, how to

 Friends, you have heard the name of NREGA, its name has been changed to Mgnrega, whose full name

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Is done

This scheme is run by the congress government

So friends talk about the payment procures of NREGA works

How do you pay the money in NREGA instead of working in and by

Because people who work related to you in the village just trick you or do not tell you the right information,

So stay clear of all your doubts on my post, after which you can get full information about your money from your sarpanch or employment servant, secretary without any interruption.

First of all, whenever there is any work under Mgnrega in your Gram Sabha or Gram Panchayat, then the work plan is prepared in the same year, this work plan is created by the Sarpanch or Employment Service, in which the work Estimated cost and its length width is also shown, but the point of attention among friends is that the estimated cost is not real, it is just demo

When working in your Gram Sabha, J. E or T. A related to that work, come and see that work and accordingly prepare the cost of that work.

Friends, this is the first step of NREGA’s works

Now after 7 days when working, then within 7 days, the employment service provider demands on the block that the person or woman doing this work is working

Now the person posted on the block in the computer operator, save the data of that demand on his computer and brings it to the procces and uploads it to the official website of NREGA.

In the 7 or more days, the servant should be given a must roll by the block, the name must be included in the mustroll which is given earlier in the demand, if there is any problem in the disturbance or relets from your job card, then your name mustroll Will not be in

Now after this, the Employment Sevak fills the mustrool as per the work per person, and then applies signature or thumb to all the workers on which the sarpanch and the secretary also do signature and in the end, again the employment minister will give it on the mustrool block. is

After that, the computer operator leaves a wage list by feeding the mustrool in which the laborer name is their job card number account number.

Now the wagelist has to pay for the accountant and BDO (block devlopment officer)

An F. T.O. (fund transfering order) sends it to PFMS (public financial management system) now PFM server recieves the fto. After everything is correct, fund transfer order finally reaches the bank.

That is, if you have a budget in the NREGA account of the state, money will be accessed in your account

Friends, it takes about 15 days in the process if your mustrool will be of 7 days in more than one day or more according to the same amount of money comes into account

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What is Mgnrega,  नरेगा क्या है

Friends, you have heard many times about NREGA, many people will have worked in this scheme, NREGA’s work plan or information related to it, I am sharing true information like per person employment, wages etc, hope this article You really liked

Friends, the full name of NREGA is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Friends These names were changed on February 2, 2006 before its name

National Employment Guarantee Act was

This scheme was started by the Congress government in 2005.

This scheme means employment opportunities for everyone in rural areas

It is the objective of the Ministry of Rural Development to give indirect benefits to the poor

Let the friends tell you for information that this scheme was included by the government earlier, which included about 200 districts, gradually adding 100 more districts

Ultimately, till 2008, districts of entire India were included

This entire scheme has been made about the rights and demands of the villagers.

Workers who work in this scheme get wages within 15 days but the wages of every state are different.

Friends, the most important thing about this plan is that it also carries about 90% of the Central Government, which means that you are being given the wages of NREGA work by the Central Government and not by the State Government.

And the most important thing about this plan is that you have to do physical work in it, not by any machine or contractor,

The type of worker working in this scheme is unskilld

And the state government allows adult members of each family to work in each year

NREGA is a commendable step governed by the Congress government, many families living in the village today.

Whatever works in NREGA, but firstly women have the right to be self-sufficient,

Whatever the rule by the government, it is necessary that women should be 30 days in 100 days’ work.

30% of women are required to work on any demand

This scheme is being defamed by some political dramas and due to its wages and account number related problems, the workers are afraid of working in the villages today, and one of the biggest reasons for this is that the wages are 175 rupees (UP)

The wages of this scheme have been determined according to different states

This scheme continues to grow almost a few wages in its financial year

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The casting couch

 Friends, Hello today, all of you want to tell about the casting couch,

So friends before, perhaps you would have heard about the casting couch, but you did not have any specific information or not.

Casting couch has been happening everywhere in India or in all industries, not only in India, but also in government or non-governmental organizations.

And the biggest thing is that when any couch comes into the media, it is suppressed by its biggie,

Casting couch

Casting coffers by giving a blur by a person to work or give a job to a man, a woman or a girl, instead of physical exploitation.

After you apply the job or after giving a verbal or written examination,

After qualifying the interview or after failing in the interview, the condition of being convinced by the interviewer or his owener is called a casting couch, and this happens only when you wish, there is no gaurantee or absence of a job, because it does not remain Here is the relationship with your wishes

In India, bollywood, tollywood, or almost all the film, television industry has been accused of casting couch, in which many actors have come out openly.

But this is not happening today, almost everywhere

If you need to be just aware,

Casting couch is an indivisual worm, which exploits or keeps them from every single girl by the same person, only and only greed to get work or greed to continue working

How close will the casting couch

Now it depends on you

Because to execute this abominable process, you have to deside, you are being told wrong, if it fails to know, you may or may be the victim of casting couch.

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What is Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing , Affiliate मार्केटिंग क्या है, इससे पैसा कैसे कमाते हैं

Hello friends ,

Today, all of you want to tell about affiliate marketing, how can you start your affiliate marketing without any help, and how this is affiliate and how to start affiliate marketing.

And how much is earning from it, people are earning a lot of money. By starting your affiliate, you can also earn, there is no doubt in it because today’s younger generation is also running towards Affiliate, so if you can earn good money from Affiliate So what’s the matter of late

So friends will create a blog or you tube channel first. How do you make a blog? This is what I told you in my previous post. But I did not write the post of YouTube Channel but you will find so many videos from YouTube that you have a good Blog or youtube channel,

You must have a blog to do affiliate marketing, because your marketing will go to a higher level through the blog because your affiliate is the custodian of the traffic on the blog or channel.

So you’ve even created a blog, now what you have to do

Any company selling any online product such as amazon, flipcart etc. can register and visit the site you want to put on your blog.

How is this earning from now? Guys also know this. Friends, this is earning you in many ways

1-By Advertising Show

Yes, Friends, First of all, you are the only one who buys the product that is purchased on your own blog, but even then the traffic coming to your blog is seen by that company’s product, then the owner of that company will show you the product of his product. This is your first plus point.

Selling 2-product

The second and the most profitable is to buy from the Affiliate, which is the product,

Friends, the process is the same, the traffic coming to your blog, whatever custumer registers from your blog, buys any product from your blog, the owener of that company gives us commision

Friends, when you register for any affiliate marketing, you must first register according to your discretion.

So you can register only on trusted sites like amazon, flipcart

Afiiliate Marketing from Youtube

Friends, Secondly, how will you affiliate marketing from YouTube

If you have made or made a YouTube channel, then you must be registered with a company that sells an online product.

After registering, you can show the product given by the company on your videos.

If you see your videos buying a product from your link then you will get your commission.

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Film, serial audition Mumbai

What is audition,ऑडिशन क्या है

What is Audition? This question is a bit typical because there is no type of audition, it is done at any level

The caller is called the casting director or casting coordinator

As I audition, I mentioned above that there is no form of audition but what I am trying to share with everyone

1-Modeling industry

2-Tv serial industry

3-movie industry

4-Ad industry

So first thing to do is ———–

Modeling industry

Brothers first of all want to tell you what is this modeling industry

Friends models are those that you have photographed on any product, like if you use a shoe of any brand or a shoe or underwear, then the photo is taken over them, that is the model

If you want to go to the modeling industry then you will have to audition crack otherwise otherwise you will not be able to enter it, i.e. you will be excluded

And the most important thing in the modeling industry, I would like to tell you if you want to be a model or want, then you have to pay attention to your physic, that means you must have understood, make a little body oody just a little more

And secondly, your hieght should be good

And the color of your skin should be fair!

After this you can audition

After cracking the audition you can become a model

Tv serial industry audition

Friends, these are a few simple steps to enter into the TV industry because you get a chance on TV after cracking the Suditi

Audition of the serial audition on Mumbai, Andheri, aramnagar1 and aramnagar2, Malad, Goregaon etc., can be audited if you wish.

Tell you what happens in the audition

First of all you will be given some written diolouge of a script which you have to act according to the same charecter on the camera

Speaking in the purse language means audition means your exam!

Film industry audition

Like the Serials, the film is auditioned too

But you will have to work harder because its broadcast is not live

The film industry has become a business industry. You have to work according to your director producer. I mean to say that the small screen industry is the tv serials and big screen, these words are just talking to you a lot, you may be able to understand it well

Ad industry audition

Ad is known as a propaganda of friends in ordinary words i.e. that you advertize the product that i

And the simplest audition is also

You get work almost according to your talent. On attempts, I mean you will get work before TV and film.

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