What is script

Hello friends, what the script is. Some people know everything, so let’s say what the script is

Friends script is like a story or a novel that is written in advance and according to that act or whatever the story is demanding fulfills it

Like script, the script is also changed

Friends script is such a mode in which you can visualize any visual, indivisual scene from reading,

Where is the need of a script

Script is required for any drama, stage show, theatar, film, tv serial etc.

In a script, there is a mention of all the things that you have to use in the next step to step

In the script, you know the whole of the whole scene, impression, act, etc., by reading too many things

Serial or film or theatr is shown on any TV channel, all these are scripted

Who writes the script

Writing or writing the script writer or film world, many famous writers write or write there

Every script in the script consists of those things that can entt your full

Career in script writing

Chilling is done to write scripts

To start your career in this, you have learned something good before a good story or novel writer,

Or read a good script

Keep in mind that whatever you expect to entertain from movies, TVs or elsewhere, the same hope will keep your audiance from you.

You have to write right or wrong

You have to flop or hit you up

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