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How to make a free website and earn money in hindi, फ्री में वेबसाइट कैसे बनाये और पैसे कमाये

Hello friends, Today, you are going to make a website all in one free and earn money from it. Hope you all will like it.

As friends, if you all download or download songs and movies from any other website, then you can create your own website and download songs from others, but before that you all have to first blogging, that is, the article Or you have to create a blog’s website i.e. learning that you will not have any further problems

So friends in this post we will learn to make you

So first of all you guys blogger Create your own website by visiting Com and after making the website, you can custmize it, that means you have to first customize the theme of the blog. This is the best way to earn money. If you put the wrong theme on your blog then google adsense will not give you the apporaval if you do not get the apporve of Google Adsense then it is useless to create and blog your website

So friends have to write a post on the blog after properly custmizing them

You have to write a post on the subject that is trending, i.e. your search should be there after searching Google.

If your post does not appear in Google Search, then you have to change the settings of your blog.

Friends, after that you have to write 10-15 posts on your blog

After writing a post, you can create a google adsense account, because if you have to earn money it will be required.

After that, link your blog to google adsense

After a few days after your google adsense account has been verified, you can advertise your blog and make money

Apart from this, there are many videos on your YouTube website that will guide you well, but you have to watch the video which has been seen very much

Thank you

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