Narega job card

What is narega job card and how it make ,नरेगा जॉब कार्ड क्या है कैसे बनता है

Hello friends, today I would like to inform you all about the NREGA job card, in which way the job card is created and how the laborers work and all the information related to it is being told by this article.

Firstly know what a job card is and how it works

Guys Narega Job Card is a card provided by the Central Government to the workers working in the village or the city, but the work can be done only where they are resident of the friends NREGA job card 100 days work in 1 year of one person No person can work more than this, and yes if there is more than one person in a family, then he can act according to his condition.

Friends NREGA job cards are both skilled and semiskilled, they both have different wages, according to different states,

How to create a NREGA job card

Friends, most of you must have a bank account and Aadhar card and a photo must be done only if your job card is created. If you have all these documents, then first of all you ask the Employment Service of your Gram Sabha or Gram Panchayat that my job card Make the employer take your document and block it and the computer operator of the block will create your new job card. Friends, the process is very easy. It takes more than a stronger 10 minutes

What is the benefit of NREGA job card

Friends, this NREGA job card is available at both rural and urban places, so whatever job card is made, it is going to be very beneficial or will benefit in the future.

Firstly, the ratio of the working of the laborers in rural areas is seen, after which they get all the benefits as per the guideline of a housing, latrine, solar, or NREGA work from the government.

How to delete job card

You also need to know that you have done work, on your job card, you know later that I did not get the wage ie that my account did not come in money

So, before you work in this situation, ask the Head or Employment Service or you can check online too. Here I am telling you the link of the official website of NREGA from where you can complete the job card of your Gram Panchayat. Or see the MIS report