Earn money online by blogging and youtube , in hindi

How to earn money online,घर बैठे पैसे कैसे कमाये

Hello guys, today again you have brought a new post for everyone, hopefully you guys would love.

Friends, we all want to sit down at home and if our income comes then our house can be spent but how

It is an easy way for you and little meaning that you can earn money according to your hard work, even by working online from your mobile or computer,

So guys, for this I can tell you all 2 good online business, maybe you guys can earn better than this

1-By uploading video to youtube

Friends, this work will all start at a little bit harder in the beginning but this is a lot less than your hard work, yes guys

Create an interesting profile! Create your own profile now! Create an account after you create your own or whatever video you upload on YouTube, you will be able to transfer money to your account according to your view.

Friends, keep in mind that someone’s video is not copyrighted when you upload a video to youtube, your channel will not be closed or upload any porn video.

Friends, if you want, you can make money by uploading a YouTube video by making a vlog video of the village or city, whether you want to make a video by making a prank video or by making any video you want.

2-By blogging

Friends, this is going to be trending in today’s trend. Blogging is becoming very crazy in today’s youth and teenage blogging. Is this blogging telling you this in detail?

Is simple

You blogger com, go ahead and create a website then after you fill out the profiles now edit any of the requisments of blogging,

Post about 10-15 posts of its adsorange of google adsense Now you can earn money

Friends, keep in mind that your continuous post should be in the Google search console for your website.

Friends, you can do part and full time jobs in these places and earn good earnings. If you want, you can start your affiliate marketing.

Thank you